We provide Blow Molding solutions

MINZEN & MEPER are dedicated to providing solutions (machines, molds, downstream equipment and auxiliary equipment) for the both of injection molding and blow molding industry. We have expertise and more than 20 years of experience in the injection molding and blow molding manufacturing process. Our goal is to provide the best machines along with effective, speedy and cost efficient solutions.


Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Mingzhen Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are subsidiary companies of Ningbo Liming Investment Corporation. We specialize in making injection and extrusion blow molding machines.

Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd uses the leading brand, MEPER. MEPER is one of the leaders of blow molding machines. We create, develop and manufacture the best blow molding machines for international use. Our machines are used in over the world.

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Our company made great success at 2015 Chinaplas Guangzhou between May 20th and May 23rd. During the exhibition, we fortunately met a lot of our new and old customers. We had great discussions about the future plans and took helpful suggestions to keep our business relationship closer.

It used closed-loop temperature control system to ensure the accuracy and the reliability of the barrel temperature. It is also equipped with the functions of cold-proof start,alarming and parameter memory for the modeling, with password protection. The injection and switch are controlled by imported location ruler.

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