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60 Liter Extrusion blow molding machine MP90

60 Liter Extrusion blow molding machine MP90

Accumulator head,Suitable for below 60 liter product


Frequencyinverter motor driving, which can meet requirements of various rotation speedfor screw and process different plastic products, high plasticizing capacity,high production, low consumption; barrel adopts resistance heater to heat andcontrolled by computer, heating quickly, temperature stable and evenly,optimizing hydraulic design, pneumatic design, power-saving, fast movement,stable, high performance and low cost.

LargeL/D ratio screw with high plasticizing capacity and high production. Complyingwith the principle of raw material functions and “fist- in first-out” to makesure the good quality parison, Completely eliminate the residual stress, quickreplace of material and color.