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High-Speed Precison injection molding machine

High-Speed Precison injection molding machine

High-Speed Precison injection molding machine



Moving platen flowing bearing system, haveraised the efficiency of open/close mold and reduce the energy consumption

5 points vertical double toggle clampingsystem

T solt mold, suitable for different moldsetting

Automatic meticulous mould adjustment accordingto the present clamping force

Cavity oil cylinder required for high speedmovements, can alleviate the baffling


High quality linear guide couple ensure andaccurate injection

It adopts the double oil circuit injectionmachinery to satisfy the injection speed requirements of high precision products

Optimized screw design to realizehigh-speed injection and meet the requirement of thin-wall products moulding

Specific screw and barrel designs are availablefor processing different material requirements

The hydraulic valves are set adjacent toall the oil cylinders for rapid oil transfer

The hydraulic devices is installed outsideand easy of maintenance

The pressure and flowing are controlled byfeed-able closed-loop

The pre-injection system incorporatescontrol technology from reliable international manufacturers, which accuratelycontrol every machine movement.

Adopt imported computer which special forinjection machine, its processed and controlled by CPU, this is to expediteresponse from control system as well as to improve operational accuracy of themachine

Industrial quality components and circuithardware design provide a stable and reliable control system.

Ultra bright LED’s are providing convenientindication of the machine’s operation and machine serving