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Injection molding machine 50T-160T

Injection molding machine 50T-160T

Fixed  pump injection molding machine MZ50F,MZ100F,MZ130F,MZ160F


It adopts imported plastic injectioncomputer, with large screen high definition crystal display and human-computerinterface in both Chinese and English. Through CPU independent control systemand alarming of successive oil temperature, thus improving the operating speedof the machine.

It used closed-loop temperature controlsystem to ensure the accuracy and the reliability of the barrel temperature. Itis also equipped with the functions of cold-proof start, alarming and parametermemory for the modeling, with password protection. The injection and switch arecontrolled by imported location ruler.

The excellent chrome, molybdenum aluminumalloy screw and barrel have undergone the nitriding process, applicable tovarious plastic materials.

The injection cylinder is parallel orbalance to both sides of the barrel, so as to ensure the non deviation of thenozzle, good sealing and non-leakage of rubber. It is equipped with doubleguide pillar supporting system, which can inject under multi-pressure and atvarious speeds. It also uses one-stop hydraulic motor pre-injection device.