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Injection molding machine 680T-1680T

Injection molding machine 680T-1680T

Fixed pump,two electric motor,injection molding machine MZ680F,MZ880F,MZ1180F,MZ1380F,MZ1680F


Five-support crankshaft structure. The moldand the supports all use the portal structure, with good rigidity and highfitting precision. Adopting the computer optimized design, the mold employsdefinite analysis less system. With double core pulling device, it boasts supersensitive low pressure protection functions. The mechanical, hydraulic and electricalprotections have ensured the human safety. The dismountable fill-out hopper canbe installed conveniently and automatically. The moveable platen is running inroll, with little friction and balanced and dependable moving.

The injection cylinder is parallel orbalance to both sides of the barrel, so as to ensure the non deviation of thenozzle, good sealing and non-leakage of rubber. It is equipped with doubleguide pillar supporting system, which can inject under multi-pressure and atvarious speeds. It also uses one-stop hydraulic motor pre-injection device.