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Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Mingzhen Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are subsidiary companies of Ningbo Liming Investment Corporation. We specialize in making injection and extrusion blow molding machines.

Our company was founded in 1998. We use science and technology to create the best and highest quality molding machines. Our machines pass CE authentication by China Plastic Machinery Inspection Center.

Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd uses the leading brand, MEPER. MEPER is the leader of blow molding machines. We create, develop and manufacture the best blow molding machines for international use.  Our machines are used in over the world.

Ningbo Mingzhen Precison Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd, creates high quality plastic injection molding machines.  We use MINZEN and PRECISION brands to manufacture state of the art injection molding machines using resources across science, technology and other relevant fields to create the perfect plastic injection molding machine for your needs.

With over 150 employees and annual sales of 100 million RMB, we take pride in providing integrity, honesty, and excellent customer service.  It’s no wonder our machines have sold well in China and in over 30 other countries.